Vintage Levi's White Sweatshirt
Vintage Levi's White Sweatshirt

White Sweatshirt

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This is a vintage Levi's white sweatshirt, embodying classic comfort and style. Despite its label size being "S," when measured, it corresponds more closely to an "XS" size. The sweatshirt is in excellent condition, boasting a rating of 9 out of 10, with minimal signs of wear. The measurements for the sweatshirt are approximately L57 (length) and W48 (width), making it a snug and comfortable fit for someone with a petite or smaller build. The timeless white color offers a versatile and clean look, perfect for casual and everyday wear. This vintage Levi's white sweatshirt is a high-quality addition to any wardrobe, reflecting Levi's enduring commitment to quality and fashion.

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