Vintage Gildan Electricity Explained Black Printed T-Shirt
Vintage Gildan Electricity Explained Black Printed T-Shirt

Electricity Explained Black Printed T-Shirt

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This is a vintage Gildan "Electricity Explained" black printed t-shirt. The shirt features a unique and eye-catching design that showcases an interesting theme related to electricity. It is in very good condition, rated at 8.5 out of 10, with minor signs of wear. The label size is medium, and upon measurement, it indeed matches the measured size of medium, with dimensions approximately L70 (length) and W47 (width). This shirt offers a comfortable and true-to-size fit for someone looking to make a statement with their attire. The black color of the shirt provides a sleek background for the printed design. Overall, this vintage Gildan t-shirt is a stylish and intriguing addition to any collection, perfect for those interested in electric themes or unique graphic tees.

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